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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day Go Ichi (11)--ABAB Poem--Wind and the Neighbors

Here's my poem for the day. I have no idea what the form was for today and I'm busy writing on my LETTERS FOR STEPS book, so I'm just going to write a simple ABAB Poem and let it go at that.
Here it is in all it's majesty...:o)


The West wind is blowing like crazy
It's blown all my clothes off the line
I wish it were balmy and hazy
So I'd not have to go claim what's mine.

My sweatshirt is down at the neighbor's.
Three socks and some pants are there too.
I hate to go down through their arbor
There's a mean dog and piles of dog poo.

I guess I'll just bring all the clothes in
They are stinky and nastily wet
But I'll drape them all over with clothespins
And hope meeting the Browns is a bet.

I don't really know why I worried
The Browns were uncommonly nice
They brought me some lunch while I scurried
T'was a sock and some chicken and rice.

And now when I think of that fam'ly
'Bout their dog and it's piles of poo
I think it's 'bout time to be ambling
Down the street to give back to them too.
© 2014 by H. Linn Murphy

Dear Browns, can you please bring back my undies? Thanks for the delicious lunch. Hugs, Me

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  1. I love that you make your poems visually interesting, too.