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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Fatty Fatty Cincinnati and Other Tales--Couplets and Cinquains

I'm doing couplets today, and a cinquain or two. This is so fun!

Fatty Fatty Cincinnati

This morning it was meal of oats
Which tasted like the food of goats

I'm fine with that if I lose weight
But if I don't, I won't feel great

I do sit-ups and run and run 
Despite the bad knees and the sun

But nothing seems to do the trick
I look just like a chubby brick

I wish I got the points of brownie
When I turn that junk food downie

I'm thinking I've a pudgy lot
I'll not look pretty, sweet, or hot

Soon I'll settle for not scaring
People with the tents I'm wearing

Someday that'll have to do
Until then pictures make me blue.

Does that mean I'm really shallow?
Maybe, but just let me wallow.

After all you're half my size
And half my age and twice my wise.

Somewhen I'll be dressed in white
And everything will be all right

I'll look amazing, hot, and sweet
I'll have a bod' that can't be beat

But then the bod' will matter not
What will matter? Only thoughts  

And my good and evil deeds
How I handled all my needs

Or if I was a decent sort
Have I bad things to report?

Maybe I should worry more 
About the things that are in store

If I continue to be lazy
Then the future will be hazy

I would like to dress in white
And be the one who chose the right.

© 2016 by H. Linn Murphy
If you want to know about couplets, this is the site for you.
So these are some Cinquains I did for yesterday's assignment.

 Savior of worlds
Follow in his footsteps 
He'll lead you back to the Father

Writing stories
That end in happiness
She searches for herself in books

Bringer of eggs
Too efficiently hide
What we keep finding long after

© 2016 by H. Linn Murphy
Find more about cinquain poetry here.


  1. So I just read "Fatty Fatty . ." again and I laughed and then I cried. Such great funny rhymes and then such a great sentiment at the end. I also loved the one about Jesus! Thank you!