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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Personification Poem--Pennies--National Poetry Month

This is a personification. If you want to know about these, go here. I think I'll do mine about pennies...;o)

@Nobody wants you. You're filthy and brown,
And dented and germy and small
But when you line up in a long, long line
You add up to quite a good haul.

@I once tried to take you to Ireland
'Cause I hadn't hauled you to the bank
You weighed so much I had to ditch you
I had none but myself left to thank.

@It is funny that even the Irish
Don't want you around anymore
You'd think that for them you would add up
Just the same as the States did before.

@Some people just toss you in trash cans
Or under the bed or the car
But even if they do not roll you
Hundreds of uses there are:

Train track smashing
Homeless helping
Penny car flashing

Bedroom bronzing
Pellet gun targeting
Wishing well tossing

Bookshelf leveling
Roomie's door jambing
Jewelry jangling

 @But mostly I really like pennies
You're small but if I add you up
The two of us are going places
I'll just keep adding you to the cup

@Pretty soon you are buying me houses
Vacations and speed boats and cars
The uses that people can put you to
Can number almost as the stars. 

© 2017 by H. Linn Murphy


  1. Clever! I don't waste pennies either!

  2. I have always saved my pennies. I love pennies!

  3. I don't get people who throw them away like they don't add up to real money eventually...;op