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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Free Verse Poem--Easter Poem--National Poetry Month

This is a free verse poem for Easter:

He was just a baby
Lying there
Cradled in manger hay
In far away stall
Poor, forgotten, lowly,
In spite of 
Mother's royal pedigree
Son of David,
Son of Ruth 

Son of GOD.

He was just a boy
Helping carpenter step-father
Pick up the shavings
Filling hands
With winsome service
Loving the mother
Who wanted Him 

He was a boy learning to be His Father's son.
He was just a man
Changing water into wine
Putting off temptation's power
Healing a leper,
A blind man,
The Dead.
Friend of the friendless
Keeper of sheep
Seeker for lost souls
Bridging of gaps
And righting of wrongs

He did His Father's work.

He was just our Elder Brother.
A weary wanderer
He went to the garden
To converse with His Father
He begged that the cup
Could be lifted away
But instead, 
Took it up and drank
The bitter dregs
He poured out his blood
For the ills of this world 
And prepaid for 
Life's Unfairnesses and our sins
If we but seek and serve Him.

He stood our ambassador, arbiter, and go-between with God.

He was just a prisoner
Hunted and found
Betrayed for silver, for safety, for fear.
Flogged and spat upon,
Dragged to and fro,
They yelled at and defiled Him
And tore at Him in fury.
As he stood
On that nail
In the midst of the storm
He forgave us
And blessed us
And after rising again
In silent majesty,
Quietly went

Back to the Father who sent Him.

He is just the Way,
The Truth,
The Light and Life.
The keeper of the keys
Of Eternity
Builder of worlds 
Lighter of the way back
To Father in Heaven's side
Cup of Endless Water
Bread of Life
Harrower of Death 

He is just the Beloved Eldest Son of Most High GOD.

© 2017 by H. Linn Murphy