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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Someone Else's Fairytale Review

I truly enjoyed this offering. Emily has a way of putting you right into the character's head so you can look out of her eyes and see her gorgeous movie star's piercing blue eyes gazing back. The story was fast-paced and kept me reading until way too late last night.

Spoiler alert...:o)

I've noticed several similarities to Stephanie Myers' Twilight series. We have a hunky, rich, sought-after hero (Jason, a movie star) and a 'wounded' heroine (Chloe) from the wrong side of the tracks. There is an alternative love interest (Matthew) who is discarded (sort of discards himself actually). Chloe has a quixotic, overly childish mother and a zero father. Jason's family welcomes Chloe into their midst, lovingly providing what she's never had--a family.

Jason has to hide who he is to have any semblance of a normal life. Chloe has to deal with someone trying to kill her. Against all odds Jason finds gold in the broken Chloe and, after some difficult roadblocks mostly dealing with sexual expectations, whisks her off to a life of unimaginable (and unappreciated) luxury.

I was hoping for a little more spaghetti from Matthew. It seemed like he gave up way to easily--like he didn't have enough invested in their friendship. When he met Chloe after he'd broken up with his other girl, why didn't he kick it in gear again so we could really have a difficult choice? We're only left with the Bella-like fear of accepting gifts from her love interest. I think if Chloe had a real CHOICE between Matthew, the clean-cut best friend who came back for her, and Jason who could possibly go the way of so many other Hollywood hunks and ditch her, we'd have a pretty decent rumble going.

This is totally Twilight in another less sparkling (and bloody) outfit. Which is not a bad thing. I happened to enjoy the Twilight series despite flaws. The reason it was so horrendously popular is because it ENTERTAINS us, which is what Someone Else's Fairytale did for me.

I'm going to read more from Ms. Tippetts in the future. In fact, MUCH more.

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