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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poetry Month Cont'd.

Day 17--Nature Personified Poem
Polished smooth
Sculpted by wind's relentless soughing
 Water licks away sharp edges
Grinding inexorably at roughnesses
At last proud stone has felt the hand
Of the One who formed it
In the first place
Picture from: nickdicolandrea.wordpress.com

Day 18--Holiday Poem
Scare Factor
Skeletons dancing don't scare me
Witches and black cats too.
Bed sheet ghosts are corny
All they can say is, "Boo."

The thing most deliciously scary
That frisson of fear, and I'm hot.
The situation ordinary
Gone suddenly, eerily, NOT.

That moment when I cannot figure
If that shadow was there just before.
Did it move? It gives me the willies!
Then it jumps and I run out the door.

Day 19--
The Climber 
I see the changes you have made
The things nobody sees
The climbing up to look out o'er
The ranks and ranks of trees

You climb to rid yourself of pain
I see it in your eyes
But please always remember
You are the one so wise

So lift yourself above the pain                                     
Forgetting not at all
That pain will always be there
You must rise each time you fall.
Picture by: topextrem.com

1 comment:

  1. I know about climbing and falling and getting back up first hand. I did a fair amount of climbing and rappelling when I was young. We'd sometimes flip upside down and run the brake-line through our legs. Spectacular picture but crazy as two loons. We mostly climbed at a place called X Rock, which happened to be maybe 100 yards away from a hospital, so falling was perhaps less of a worry than if we were, say, in Canyonlands (another favorite hangout).
    I had my fair share of sticky situations. Once while we were in Austria, we were running down a mountain after climbing all day. I hit the talus slopes and accelerated into a full on rock avalanche. It sure made my run faster. Unfortunately, when I hit bare spots I fell to my knees, making it difficult to climb the next few days as my knees were sore and swollen. It was breathtakingly stupid and fun, though.