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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Deathday Party

Day 22--Diamond Poem
I wrote this for a friend whose brother is dying. I wanted her to know how I see his journey back--only sad for those left behind, and only if the bereaved haven't done all they could to ease his journey and celebrate his life. Otherwise, it's just a brief moment in time--a spark and then you'll see him again, whole and happy.
Deathday party

Sweet one
Be happy for me
Don't weep for me now
I merely carry the banner on
Returning to the One who made me
Help me go; loose the bands which keep me
Gird me in my robes of pristine white
I go forward to the next place
Smile for me, little one.
I'll always love you.
My heart

This one is how I would feel at the end of my life, if it came now, when I feel unprepared:

At the end 
Of my time here
The days and hours,
Like coins,
Falling through
My fingers.
For what
Have I spent
Such precious currency?
Have I done
There'll always be
Another act of 
Random kindness
Another bid for salvation
On which to spend 
This precious hoard.
I must give coin 
With love
Knowing it will 
Come back to me
In incredible
From the One
From whom all
Such coin


  1. Thank you, Megan!
    I've been thinking about this subject a great deal today as I've been pondering what to say to my friend. In the end, Heavenly Father put words in my mouth I was never expecting to say. Instead of telling her to fly to his side, I told her to let him go gently, on his own terms. Ever since then, my heart has been an over-full vessel.