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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Poetry Bonanza

It's April Poetry Month again. I'm getting all geared up to knock your Nikes off...;o)

Day 1- Couplet
Spring lopes through with breezy sneakers
Fuzzy brown coats bedeck the peekers. 

Halcyon breezes set wind bells chiming
Lovers and poets commence their rhyming.

All the world loves this season
When the air grows warm and we stop freezin'.

Day 2-Poetweet
(This is the full poem, which works much better but is too long. It has to be exactly 140 characters.)
My Rescuer
Up from dark places I creep
Towards the light
I do not, I will not
Accept my foul plight
A hand reaches forth
And takes hold of my hand
It pulls me to safety
I now understand.

Here's the fixed up poem (stupid spaces got me):

My Rescuer
From dark places I creep to the light.
I cannot accept my foul plight.
He reaches, takes hold of my hand,
pulls me to safety. I understand

Day 3-Fractured Nursery Rhyme
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
How come the woodchuck chucks that wood? Could a woodchuck chuck something softer?

Old King Cole was a merry old soul
A merry old soul was he.
He called for his ipod
He called for his gameboy
And he called for his Playstation 3.

Day 4- If You Were Poem

If you were ocean,
Then I'd be the sand,
Circling you round
And holding your hand.

and another:
Luna Moth. Image: Paphio [Flickr]
If you were a candle,
A moth I would be
Fluttering closer
And closer to thee.

You're flicker would draw me
Whatever the cost
Closer and closer
Until I was lost.

Day 5- If I Were Poem
If I were a cowpie
I'd be juicy and sweet
I'd grace your green pastures
I'd be a fun treat
I'd be...unwanted!

Day 6- Easter Poem
Oh that I could walk out on the waves
And feel Him drawing me near
To have been at His feet
For those fishes and loaves
As He spoke to his children so dear.

Oh to have watched as He stilled the sea
And felt the storm calm at His word
To have listened while He
Told the Pharisees
They had seen but they had not heard.

Oh that I might have provided a meal
To the guttering candle's glow
To have listened to Him
Telling stories of things
His Father once taught Him to know.

Oh that I could have bound up His hurts
And taken a bit of His pain
To have looked at the wounds in His hands 
And His feet
Full knowing I'd see Him again. 

Day 7--Joust!
Hooves pounding
Manes whipping
Drool slinging
Sand spewing
 Lances couching
Charger flying
 Wood Shattering
Splinters spinning
Opponent falling
Banners whipping
Crowd cheering
Jouster Sighing
Aspirin seething

Day 8--Couplet
Master of the Hall
Bring the torch and raise the call
The master's home, there's food for all
The hunt was good; a hearty buck
Let's be thankful for our luck.
Lay the table, bring the salt
Call the peasants, lame and halt
Bid the mummers come to play
It has been a wondrous day!

Day 9--This is Me Poem

creative, intrepid, wacky, intelligent
Sibling of J, L, J, J, and C
Lover of L
Who fears not being prepared
Who needs support
Who gives service
Who would like to see Christ
Resident of the desert

Day 10--Easter Peeps Limerick
Those peepers sit there in my basket
All neon-y yellow and pink
They're sugar and spice
But they do not taste nice
I'll keep them around 'til they shrink

The chocolate's a whole other story
I'd eat it for breakfast and lunch
But the trouble with that
Is it makes me so fat
That I put it all back with the bunch.
(image by richardsonfarms.net)

Day 11--Winter Haiku
(Image by its.caltech.edu)
Lacy snowflake here
On my nose melting away
Crystal happiness

Day 12--Couplet Song
Today it's more of a song in answer to a currently popular song (the name of which I won't mention). This is my answer to that song. It's not as angry as it sounds...;o)

You pray to a god you don't believe in
And then you expect that plan to fly

You're lonely and your heart is restless
But you don't even think to try.

You dare God to make it all better
When you bleed and the love is gone

And you howl that life is a lock-out
But you continue to do what is wrong.

Raise your eyes and look beyond you
Find meaning in something new

For when life gets dark and painful
God's a friend and a savior true.

Pull your head out of the gutter
Fix your mind on a paradigm shift

Look up instead of always downward
Do what you must to mend the rift

For life is a test and a duck-shoot
You can win big or desperately fail

It's mostly in how you look at it
Whether you sink in dejection or sail.

Day the 13th-Tanka Poem 
Birth of my baby
So long awaited now
He lies in my arms
looking up with old man eyes
He knows the answer to all


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