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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Very Moment Review

Rachel Ann Nunes wrote a book called This Very Moment, which I read last month and am just getting around to reviewing. I like and enjoy reading this author. Was this one high literature? No. But was it entertaining and a fun read? Sure.

I like the idea of the two of these people riding to the rescue of children with disfiguring facial problems. I don't understand the doctor's reasoning behind being a plastic surgeon and yet not wanting to help children. I would think that if it's that much of a problem, he'd have gone into something else. And why did he need to change his name? Not enough of a reason in my humble opinion. It would have been cool to bring a bigger element of suspense into it.

This, to me, is a book about learning to stop running and take a stand. There's got to be a time when you grow beyond the things you fear. The doctor in this book does that. I applaud him for the courage it took to take another look at someone he would just have tossed away before, because she was too demanding that he leave his comfort zone.

I like the doctor's struggle with what he believes religiously. Many people, upon having major struggles in their lives, have this sort of struggle. They ask themselves, "What's God doing up there? Does he care about me or about xxxxxx?" It's easier for some than for others to accept religious beliefs or ideas at face value. Others have to test it. This book kept me reading in hopes that at some time he'd finally figure it out on all counts.

More Rachel Ann Nunes, please...:o) She doesn't disappoint.

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  1. I've got one of her book on my Kindle app and can't wait to read it.