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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Authoress



              d M  xwS   fb              c  k    .U   @  j

           u. ,  pq  rh           yi s. ; w       f v  nN   . rg z      ;   a  Fv   . , ..
                       *  ehHeb,, :   r  . x             m  W ?    a
Up through the fertile loam of her soul the letters came boiling, cavorting, dancing. They erupted from her fingers like fireworks, sizzling and capering--Catherine Wheels of fizzing rainbow color.   .o..*D.  e
           . .* U     <n ..*  k    @,j &V .   H q   ~      bKm .. .
The letters flew around her, buzzing like a maelstrom of bees. The little x-height letters held back a little, shy in their smallness, except for the clownish o, which careened crazily off the ceiling. The S's kept getting tangled up with the Q's.
  z. ,  l Dv .. ... s :" eR          t S w,,    O  y pw @         .s.             Z yn  .  /~\
She lifted her arms, her hands poised mid-air. The letters took notice and fell into their ranks. She raised a hand. The self-important T chivvied the h back into line.        "   xj xhrm ,  ek  .o nrk?  b   s whdnirb    o ;       zx    lk p.  ,
                   ,  ,,D  vhreu x. .   ~ `gH  ?  {   vjrf  sn N   sgen e .. . .
Then, to the lyrical cadence of the clicking of the keys, the letters marched, cavorted, or strolled onto the screen and made ideas all shining and still wet behind the ears.     "dh nw    .  syB s. x       ..  .         o   sneb'x w..
           l,., fibioenba s. erun  b      poijihne *  qbdsib, squib fowl   bandersnatch
  ..   malFesance cornucopia ,"   prevaricate          .,.   potted meat   O  quatrain
           corpulent      of     diversiform   gill netter     Happenstance
She smiled as she gave her directions, confident that for the most part, her orders would be followed. Except when they weren't. She frowned, tapped her wand, @ the little commas and semi-colons--not really letters at all--flew giggling back into place.

 "Now then. A tome."


  1. This is delicious! If only writing were that easy for the rest of us as it is for your character.