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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Alias Review

I blame Mandy Slack for my migraine today. She wrote The Alias, a book so compelling that I made myself sick reading for so long. It's not often that a book gets that kind of accolade from me. I do read constantly, but usually I can bear to put it down at least sometime. I fell asleep with The Alias awake on my Kindle last night.

Jaycey's story was completely believable. Having had an ex who boasted of Mafia connections, I knew exactly where she was coming from. She put me right into the middle of the firestorm such that I was glad to get back out with my life, and with Jacey's. The writing was clear and the images vivid. The conversations were believable, as was the plot. There wasn't really anything which took me out of the story. She accurately described many of the places I've been myself in Utah, including the old rusty works at Bridalveil falls. I could see every place they went in my mind's eye.

I applaud Jacey's decision to get the control of her life into her own hands and not simply run into Kale's so capable arms to save her. By the way, I picture Kale in the movie being played by Matt Davis. Mmm luscious! I haven't landed on one for Jaycey or Blaze.

I don't remember if we've been to Mona, but I'm betting we have. Those tiny towns in southern Utah are often exactly as Mandy described Mona. In fact, as we've gone through lots of those towns we notice the fake cops at the side of the road to deter speeders. Spotting them is now a game with our family. I love those tiny old towns and would like someday to move to one of them...after our kids don't need constant entertainment anymore...;o)

The one beef I had was the over-use of the word "babe". I get that from Jacey, but Mandy had other people use it too and I hoped for other terms of endearment. Other than that very small item, this was a fantastic book! I'm so glad it's in my library! I wish I had another Mandy Slack book to read right now, as I'm jonesing for a great read.

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  1. I've got two copies of this book now. Won them both in contests. I'm going to have to do a give away.

    Heard awesome things about this book. Can't wait to read it myself.

    And I check Matt out on Google. Not bad!