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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Loving Loyalty's Web

A while back Joyce DiPastena asked me to edit a book for her. I was expecting to have a great deal to do since I know a thing or two about that time period. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Joyce KNOWS her stuff. I bow to her superior intelligence on the subject!

So when I found her book, Loyalty's Web, I had to buy it. I was not disappointed! I loved the way Joyce took me back to a time of chivalry and adventure. Her research was spot-on and extensive. Her characters were believable and well-rounded. I felt like I knew these people and came to love them. I almost felt like I lived in the next castle over.

I know a fair bit about court intrigue and Joyce has reproduced the intricacies and mantraps deliciously! She puts you right into the dungeons and castle halls of France. Sometimes these things can get confusing, but Joyce handled the twists with great aplomb.

I enjoyed the plot and its twists. I rooted for Helene in her quest to expose the assassins plaguing the King's representative, even though it was possible the assassins were of her own family. Hurray for her when she uncovered the truth. And hurray for Gunthar's honor.

I've already added the next book in the series and hope soon to add the third. I greatly enjoy Joyce DiPastena's offerings! Read Loyalty's Web!

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  1. Wow! Thank you for this awesome review, Heidi! Knowing your own expertise in things medieval, I'm humbled by your praise. :-)