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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Birth of Psyquake

It's sprint time. I'm going to try BIAM (Book in a Month)--which involves writing a novel in a month. I am at least going to try writing 1000 words per day, not counting Sundays.
Day one: 552 (lost my outline on an old computer death and had to start over)
Day two: 2425
Day three: 1526
Day four:551
Day five: 0
Day six: 0
Day seven: 2368
Day eight: 2130
Day nine: 1433
Day ten: 2599
Day eleven: 2466.
Day twelve: 1289
Day thirteen: 0
fourteen: 2300
fifteen: 2457
sixteen: 2315
seventeen: 1435
eighteen: 2416
nineteen: 2416
twenty: 0
twenty one: 3129
twenty two: 3386
twenty three: 2438
twenty four: 0
twenty five: 2189
twenty six: 1157
twenty seven: 0
twenty eight: 2077
twenty nine: 4563
Thirty: 2204
Grand total: 51,565! I made my goal!

The work I'm working on?
Duh ta da duh...
This is the 4th book in my Watchers series (Science Fiction). It takes our rag-tag band of freedom fighters on their final push to knock the Powers out of...well...power. Major plans are hatching, now. The de facto (despite their grousing) leaders are asking the difficult questions like: "What are we going to do with all these slaves after we get them free?" and "What if I don't want to go die horribly in your suicide mission?"

I think Orb is going to go a little nuts. And all Larkin wants is to have a quiet day to relax and hang out with her husband. Good luck with that!

So we'll see if Orb and his crew can get this band of ex chip slaves whipped into shape enough to go back and face their jailers.

The other three books are:
Watcher at the Gates of Day
Dawn Undaunted
Dark Moon Rising
All of these now are in the editing stage. I have been a busy juggler!
I hope you come on this journey with me!

I finished this book in January 2012! Now I add it to the pile of polishing books. I hope you get to read this series in print soon!

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