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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Book Bash Sale and Ireland

Our Mother's Day BOOK SALE starts today!!! Twenty eight wonderful E-books a mother would love. Mine is pictured last, but don't buy it last...:o) Buy SUNRISE OVER SCIPIO. You won't be disappointed. And that's from a mother of six. We know best. Come to my blog and peruse the feast. You can buy from here.

Also we have a flame rating. Mine is about a two flamer book. That means there is some passionate kissing. I gave mine a two flame because the kisses are more than granny-on-the-cheek kind of kissing, but Deseret Book distributes this book, so you know it's clean.
Can I interest you in a bridge? Rofl No, the reason I'm working hard on this book sale is my mom roped me into doing what I've always wanted to do: Go to Ireland. She knew inertia would get me. Anywho, she put the thumbscrews on until I told her I would commit to raising the money and going.

 I'm planning on doing loads of research for books and maybe for other people for part of it. So this is me raising the money. Panhandle or sell newspapers on the corner is a last resort since I'm embarrassing enough to my kids...;o) and I'm trying not to have to go get a burger-flipping job so that I can still keep the fifteen books I've got in the pipeline running smoothly out to people.

I'm unveiling my other plan today: If you want to be added to a very special list, donate a dollar or so. The people on that list will get a running video commentary of my trip to Ireland. In other words, I'll take you along visually.  I plan on doing loads of book research, so I'll record sights, sounds, and smells. We'll be sleeping in a castle. I'll tell you how it feels. I'll ask every question I can think to ask the locals. I want to go off the beaten path and do crazy things.

I also want to try and take pictures of cemeteries and look at records since my sister and I want to find a branch of our genealogy. So I can perhaps make inquiries for you. An extra donation for extra work would be nice. The idea would be to load in as much experience as possible.

There are a couple of stipulations, however. I don't drink liquor of any kind. So trying the local whiskey won't happen. I'm not saying I won't slip into a neighborhood pub for a couple of minutes to sit and listen if they're playing good music, but I won't drink the brew. And I won't do anything illegal or immoral. There are too many other wacky and fun things to experience.

So if you'd like to go along for the ride as my video guest, or if you'd just like to send a writer to Ireland, or if you'd like me to help you out with some research, kindly proffer your name and your donation...:o)
Erin Go Bragh!

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