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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Writing Couplets and Other Chores

Today it's couplets, making rhyme
For this I have a little time.

If you wish of these to learn,
To Steph's blog you should return.

At this hour my mind is blank
I have a book for this to thank

I have read since morning's light
About a knowing man who fights

Not even food has passed my lips
For I have read of books and ships.

Now that this task is at my hands
I can but think of far off lands.

Of honor, bravery, knowledge bright
Of kings and thieves and pale moonlight

What are rhymes to fearsome battles 
Mere snips and snaps and fluffy tattles

Ah! I can't think about this though
Back to the book with glee I go.

Have a most auspicious day
While I the hours do while away.
© 2015 by H. Linn Murphy

(The book I'm revelling in is THE WALKING DRUM by Louis L'Amour. And yes, interestingly enough, he has written at least one book in another genre than Western. The truly sad thing is that he didn't live to finish a sequel.)


  1. Ugh about not finishing the sequel. That's my worry. Not living long enough to finish these stories I've started.

    1. That's so true. I hate getting involved in a series only to have the author stop mid-stream for whatever reason. I stopped reading the Wheel of Time books because I just knew the guy would die before he finished. And he did. One of these days I'll start it over since Brandon Sanderson finished it.
      As for this one, he really left a cliffhanger. I really enjoyed it. Even though I'm not partial to what the Moslems are doing today, it's undeniable that they had a huge body of thoughtful work we Westerners mostly ignore nowadays.