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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Engine Plunges Over

I've been busy busy busy! Right now I'm deep into the final editing process for SUNRISE OVER SCIPIO and going back and forth with Walnut Springs in a flurry of publishing rumpus. I'm also trying to finish LETTERS FOR STEPS. Plus I have other duties all over the place. It's graduation time and I have a niece and a nephew graduating, plus all the visiting dignitaries to contend with, two other blogs to write for, Scout charters to deliver, other people's blog hops to do, and a renovation (our hallway ceiling fell on us because of a leaky cooler and now we have a gaping hole in our roof).

I've also had it with the kids' school. Every time I turn around, they're dumping programs (like all the languages and both the drama and music sections are taking major hits) and favorite teachers. I have to find my kids another high school because this one has flushed too many things that made it a great school down the toilet. I'm going down there to give them a tornado of tongue lashing as soon as I get dressed in real clothes.

The scorching summer months are coming, complete with languid children draping themselves over the furniture like Seuss animals to watch episodes of Psych. I'll probably retreat to my room with my laptop most of the time and let them regenerate, since they barely have a summer to do it in. (They go back in July this year!) They'll think about going out and getting a summer job for a month, but they won't end up actually doing it. Summer's too short.

Some time in there SUNRISE OVER SCIPIO will come out and I'll be pushing it like a long lost friend pushes a pyramid scheme--with an upbeat connotation and just as much energy...:o)

Somewhere in there I'll stuff in a boatload of reading (scriptures and other peoples' work), promotional services, some necessary housework and abandoning of junk, staffing at summer camp, and enough running to help me shed a few ugly tons of fat (the boy is going to run with me and finish his Personal Fitness merit badge for Scouts), and many hours of service to friends and to the community because it's the right thing to do. There might even be a family reunion in there somewhere.

That doesn't even account for the random things that come up.

And now I have to call up two Cub Scout pack leaders and apologize for not getting their charters to them in a timely manner plus I've got to find a frame for my Mom's Mother's Day present (and yes, I know it's late but she's in town so I can put it right into her hot little hands and not worry that the glass is getting broken) and deliver three order forms...sigh.

I'm always busy. Never bored. I'm not complaining at all, merely telling you where I'm living. But before all that, I think I need a nap.

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