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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nexux Point: The Fall of the Altairan

Well I don't know anything about Altairans falling, but NEXUS POINT: THE FALL OF THE ALTAIRAN by Jaleta Clegg was a smashing book!

I read a fairly significant amount of Sci Fi, so I know of that I speak. On first meeting Dace, the ship's captain and owner, I thought, Boy, this is one brain-dead chick. If I were going to fling my bones into the vast reaches of space in a tiny ship, I'd be absolutely positive my new two-man crew weren't going to waste me. And I'd sure as heck make certain I knew every millimeter of the ship I'd just bought was yar (shipshape). 

Dace didn't.

The result? Her craft fragged to bits and Dace was marooned on a backwater planet. As soon as her escape pod touched down, the poor captain was running for her life--through the front end of the book and clear out the back.

There were slavers, druggies, a fleeing orphan whose dad may or may not have been a galactic-level warlord, debauched monks trying to find someone immune to their drugs, Robin Hood, a mean duchess who dressed like a harem girl, researchers, galactic policemen, and about a gallon of chasing henchmen. I noticed about a teaspoon of blood, no sex, three tons of confused skittering, a pile of wit and snarky comments (though no swearing, thank you), several burning-at-the-stake attempts, lots of boo-boos, plenty of clothes changes, rescues up the wazoo, and no partridges in pear trees.

I found about a page full of I's that drove me nuts. I wanted to scream until that page died. I was just getting ready to slam the book shut. I didn't. I was glad. I think next time Jaleta should watch that. I think there are those who would stop reading at that point. I think that would be a shame.

Other than that one page, the pacing was fast, the repartee witty, the world-building delicious. Her names were...uh...interesting. I'd totally get this book again. Great job, Jaleta!

I have to get the next book and find out whether Dace finally gets a new ship, bashes the daylights out of the drug pushers, and hooks up with Whatshisname. Two thumbs and a pinky up for NEXUS POINT: THE FALL OF THE ALTAIRAN.

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