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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chirping and Clucking

So I did something intrepid (one of my favorite words, by the way) today as a mark of how I wish to proceed with the gift of a new year. I joined Twitter. 
"Why?" you might ask.
Welp...I'll tell you. I'm a writer. I want my books to fly off the shelves and into your arms. I want to tell my stories to people who will love them. So if writing little blurbs every now and then alerts people to the fact that I'm around, GREAT! 
So now I'm going to find other ways to be intrepid...like getting my books polished and put out there in the query hailstorm; putting Small Deceptions and then Summerhouse on ebook; running daily; finding a person a day to help; finding new ways to be an imaginative cook. And I WILL conquer the dust bunny civilizations which are infesting my house! 
But first, the writing. Dark Moon Rising is calling insistently! Larkin pleads for help as she descends down through the levels beneath the dome. Her life has never been so forfeit as it is now, and I have let her hang much too long during the Christmas holidays!


  1. You go, girl!!!! :) Make sure you follow me haha!! emailmanROCKS

    And thanks for visiting my blog :) Much appreciated.

  2. I followed you too...;o) And that was a trail since you only left me one clue.
    I have one children's book written (and illustrated and typeset--back when there was such a thing) and one dreamed up ready to paint and write. I'm just concentrating more on my adult books right now. Someday I'll publish them. Everyone I've ever read my finished one to has loved it...except the two publishers I pushed it to. On to other publishers.

  3. Busy woman! I'm on twitter (theoretically) too. I haven't been over there in like three months. I'm going to look you up next time i'm there. Summerhouse, you brought the first few chaps of that one a few months ago, right? You write so dang fast! Good for you.

  4. Yes, you've heard maybe a chap or two of Summerhouse. As for writing fast...not so much. I try to write almost every day, but I have the attention span of a crow. Ooh...shiny! I need to spend less time on silly inconsequential things and more on the bits that matter--like polishing the eight or so books I have in the pipeline and sending those babies out.