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Friday, December 9, 2011

Debutant Ball!

Small Deceptions is going to a d├ębutante ball!

Francesca Kennington loves to study. Her mother has other ideas--mostly involving Francesca and a speedy marriage to a very rich, titled man.
Then Francesca meets someone who shares many of the same values she shares. He just isn't rich enough for her mother. That's when the deceptions start to fly. Francesca and her sweetheart must find a way to marry for love instead of money and still keep peace with Lady Kennington.

"I have to tell you how much I enjoyed Small Deceptions. I hunkered down with it for two days and devoured it. I would like a Daniel Stirling, please?"  Jeri Crews
Pick up your luscious copy of H. Linn Murphy's Small Deceptions and read sample chapters here. For a signed copy, go the sidebar and click on the cart button.
And now for the contest:
Look for my questions and hints to start on the 23rd of December. Buying my book gets you 25 points. The clue winner each day gets 10 points. Doing a review of my book on Amazon or Goodreads gets you 20 points. Following this blog gets you a point. Every shout-out you send out on Facebook and/or Twitter gets 1 point per shout-out per day. The more posts, the more points you win. Please let me know what you've done or provide clue answers in comments to this post. The contest ends on December 30 and prizes are awarded on January 2.

The candles of the chandeliers flutter in the ballroom with the swish of passing silks and satins. The room is ablaze with light, reflected in the faces of the laughing dancers. Music weaves its magical tapestry and sets our toes in motion. We are caught in its threads, gliding to and fro in complex sets. The crush of the crowd makes me glad we have not yet set the yule log a-light. How handsome my partner is in his coat and tails! He guides us flawlessly around the dance floor, his hand firm upon my back. He glances down at me and his face lights with a smile. A frisson of goosebumps goes down my back. There is something strange in his eyes. What is it?

The first clue question for my little contest is this: How did my mission to Mars end? Hint: The title of the post contains the word Red. Have fun!
Second question: Which of Hunter's teachers do I wish I had met? Hint: The title of the post contains a flower.
Third question: How did I end up behind enemy lines? Hint: April post 
Fourth question: What is my favorite flower? Hint: Another July post about a trip holds this answer. 
Fifth question: How much did we spend on buying our van?
Sixth question: Which country do the characters of Summerhouse visit on their vacation?
Want to win more book fun? Please follow the author names and December dates below! Good luck and don't forget to have FUN!
12 Elizabeth Mueller elizabethmueller.blogspot.com
Darkspell looks fantastic. It's going on top of my MUST-READ pile. And my teenagers will probably swipe it as well. I enjoyed my waltz at Elizabeth's, though the crowd was stupendous!
13 Regan Guerra reganguerra.blogspot.com
Regan's world-building was astounding with a whole well-thought out language to boot! What an intriguing book.
I quite enjoyed the Spanish Waltz at Regan's--especially since my partner is dashing in black tails!
14 Melissa Pearl melissapearl.blogspot.com
This set of books is going to be a fun romp! I can just see Gemma and Harrison playing hide 'n' seek through time.
I'm doing the swing at Melissa's lovely ball! I love this dance--especially with a partner who knows what he's doing.
December 15 Claudia Lefeve http://www.claudialefeve.com
I'm greatly looking forward to reading Claudia's Parallel! Go get it for sure!
Ah such wonderful dancing! The lights at Claudia's are truly magical!
16 Joseph Beekman josephsstoriesandtales.blogspot.com
Such deliciously interesting premises! I think I'd be the spider.
The ball at Beekman Hall is a mad crush. I shall soon be in need of a glass of punch! Until then, it's a beautiful waltz with a handsome partner.
17 Pendragon Innmen PendragonWrites.comPendragon's book Fire Gate is captivating and a must-read! I can't wait to put my hands on it and cuddle up next to my video fire with a cup of cocoa.
Pendragon's ball was the smash of the season! The music caught us into a cloud of dizzying laughter and stole our breaths away.
19 Alex J. Cavanaugh alexjcavanaugh.blogspot.com
Ah Alex! I love a good SF read! And Serenity tops the list of SF movies. I'm a brown coat to the hilt. I can't wait to read your Cassa series! I'm always trawling for great SF! I'm 4 books into my own SF series (Watchers) but haven't finished polishing them enough for my satisfaction. Glad to meet you!
I greatly enjoyed my dance with this evening's gracious host! He leads with a firm but delicate hand.
20 Gillian Schafer gillianjoy-livingtowrite.blogspot.com

I can't wait to read Guardian! I want to find out why Hannah is the Guardian and what she's guarding against and if she finally gets the guy (at least one). I'm hooked! Go check it out!
I do so love a delightful gallop about the dance floor! Gillian's hall was a fairyland of light and color. I could have danced all night!  21 FiaunaLund formyfour.blogspot.com
Fiauna's mind-reading fairies are catching my fancy! Now I want my own set of wings (though not the little ones I'm trying to give Aislinn). I can't wait to read this book and find out what happens to Avril and Vestyn. Join me in the fairy ring, won't you?Fiauna's ball is held in a folly by a lake. The water reflects the light and fractures it into a million facets. The music sets our toes (and wings) fluttering.
22 Anastasia V. Pergakis labotomyofawriter.com

Anastasia's elves are ever so intriguing! I can't wait to read about them! And fighting elves, no less! I used to beg my mother constantly to tell me fairy stories. She never mentioned the fighting fey, though. This is a twist I liked in Tolkein as well (thanks Legolas!)  Check out this book!
Anastasia's ball was held outside on a dance floor in the forest. The light glitters in the trees and is enfolds the dancers in its glow. The music drifts through the forest and draws the fey folk in to dance with us!

26 Tanya Contois

Now I'm dying to know what a Cambion is. And whether Jocelyn will prevail over Garden (cool name!) and Sin (Another cool name. Do they say Sin or Shin?)
The ball at Tanya's was ethereal and otherworldly. The air was so full of orange blossom that it felt almost as if we were swimming through scent. Heady and utterly exciting!

27 Patti Larsen

Patti's Family Magic looks intriguing! I'm wondering about whether Sydlynn will follow in the family footsteps or make her own way.
This ball was all black tails and white organza. One
red rose provided the only splash of color. How elegant!

28 Red Tash

This Brilliant Darkness has caught my fancy! I can't wait to find out if Christine prevails against Greachin in their fight.

ball was all in scarlets and vermilions and deepest crimsons. It was a masked ball and the dancers flitted eerily in and out of massive onyx columns.

29Annetta Ribken

I can't wait to read
Athena's Promise! I enjoy Greek Mythology anyway, but crunching it in with a modern girl with modern problems, MAGIC!

Annetta's ball was, of course, a toga party. I rocked the toga and the dancing was great fun! I went as Diana.

30 Cindy Hogan

Cindy's Good-bye ball was luscious in its profusion of silks and satins. Such gems winking at the throats and ears of the dancers. Such dashing partners! I danced holes in my shoes and now fall exhausted in a reverie of
magical splendor.

is shaping up to be a delicious offering! I can't wait to find out what kinds of trouble Christy gets into on her trip to DC.

I have so enjoyed my time with my fellow d├ębutantes! I'm looking forward to being great friends with you all! Bon chance!
H. Linn Murphy


  1. OMG! I love what you did w/ the ballroom dancing videos! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll see you on the 23th for your "coming out"!

  2. Holy cow, Heidi! That's a lot of videos. Some wonderful music and dancing. I think this ball is a brilliant way to showcase you new authors.

  3. After the ball is over I'm deleting these as they are slowing up my loading. But they were fun to put on. I hope people will come and dance!
    Someday when I'm up there I'd love to meet you, Donna.

  4. I love all the dancing. So sweet! Congratulations on your book. It sounds fantastic!

  5. Heidi, I love what you did! So sweet! Congratulations on your debut book, it sounds delectable indeed! <3

    I face booked ya


    Have a Merry Christmas, too!


  6. Your book sounds fantastic! LOVE what you did with each video and little promo for the books. That is so awesome!!

    I will be tweeting and face booking about this.

    Have fun and I hope you get a ton of entries :)

  7. Heidi, I abosolutely love what you did with all the videos and saying what each "ball" had for you. I might have to have a scene you described for my ball in one of my books! I think my characters would like that. :) And like you said - who can resist a hot elf, dancing in the moonlight? *nods*

    I shared on facebook and twitter. I have my twitter set up to share the link every two hours today too!


  8. What a fantastic post! :) Labyrinth is one of my favourite films! I used to listen to the soundtrack for inspiration while writing my first fantasy novel.

    I will share on fb and Twitter :)


  9. I took the ball videos off because it was bogging my blog. If you want the code for those, I'll send it your way...:o)