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Friday, January 27, 2012

Name Schmame

Well. I finished Dark Moon Rising. I was all happy about it and told my husband. I was thinking of changing one of the other titles of the Watchers series (of which Dark Moon Rising is the 4th and probably last book) back to its original when my hubs began tossing titles off the top of the Titanic-sized load of silliness which occupies the largest room in his man head.

This is a guy who would sink to calling one of our children Mailbox or Rameumptum if he could. Really. Those were actual possibilities (in his brain)  when we were naming our daughter. Suffice it to say that I rarely take him seriously when he's in a mood like that.

So he's popping out dorky names like a queen ant laying eggs, when he flings out the title, Psyquake. That one threw me. Where in the seven dungeons of Cthulhu did that come from? That was a killer title! Not only that, but it was the best title for the last book!

The funny thing was that Lon was completely amazed when I said it ROCKED. The look on his face when I asked him if I could use it was priceless. "What does that even mean?" he asked. I just smiled. If you read the book, you'll know why that name fits so well.

So then I had some real thinking to do. Would it work to juggle names since I still had to use Dark Moon Rising? And I found I could do it.

So there you have it. Psyquake is ready for the diamond-grit polisher. Or maybe it'll be more like a rock polisher. I'm just hoping whole books don't get knocked off of the rock that is the Watchers chunk.

I think this could be something--maybe even a movie. The problem is that it would probably be an R-rated movie since it's basically a revolution. There are definitely casualties. My mom was scandalized just by the description (by me!) and she asked me, "Where did I get such a blood-thirsty daughter?"

Where indeed? This juggernaut came up through layers and layers of life lessons and predictions and fears and the visceral knowledge that the world is changing for the worse, and I can't think of much of a way to do anything about it. This is my scream in the dark as the lights grow dim.

So, yes, this series is my red flag waving--dark and blood-splashed--but in the end, hopeful.
                            WHAT IF...?

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