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Friday, April 29, 2011

Windsor Wedding

I watched the marriage of William and Kate Windsor today. Such a magnificent show of pomp and circumstance! Westminster Cathedral is breathtakingly beautiful with its Gothic traceries and arching vaults. Kate's dress was splendid and her veil gorgeous. The bridesmaid dresses were adorable. I liked the understated elegance. Everything was quite chic. I could see Princess Diana's taste everywhere.

The hats were perhaps the most entertaining part of it all. Who knew there could be so many ways to look completely ridiculous? I can't think how some of them--like Victoria Beckham--could see anything past the doohicky in front of their eyes. And what about poor princesses Beatrice and Eugenie (I mean, come on...they already have the most horrific names. Why saddle them with the most horrific hats as well--unless they wore those to make a humorous statement)?

Amidst all the pealing of bells and royal coaches and troops of horse guards and fly-bys, I couldn't help wishing that they had been married in the temple. Wouldn't that have been fantastic? Not only would they be married in the Lord's house, but forever, not just for this life. I was just a little sad to hear that they already had a parting clause built right into their ceremony, just as countless newlyweds have had for centuries.

Maybe someday...

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  1. Do you know what I liked about the wedding? That fairytale weddings DO come true!!!