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Friday, April 15, 2011

Issues and PC

Alright. We're having this out right now. I HATE the word 'issues'. "Why?" you ask.
Heh. Now you've done it. You've opened up a whole can of issues--or worms--or cockroaches for that matter. (I don't know why one would keep cockroaches in a can unless they were doing their insect study merit badge for Scouts.)

Why does everybody use 'issues' until it's ground into the pavement like a body that has fallen off of a ten story building? It's just as messy! If you're wanting to say that you have problems...SAY IT. Don't stand around it just watching the word struggle to drag itself off the ground and mean something.

When I hear someone say they have issues, I'm tempted to talk like my dad, who was an English/German teacher. I can hear him now: "What newspaper? I don't see you holding a newspaper." Issues is an over-stuffed suitcase word. People use the word 'issues' to hold too many meanings.

My other pet peeve is 'political correctness'. What the heck? When did it turn political to be tactful and mannerly? When a person labels something "not politically correct", that's when I decide to say that very thing as much as possible, just so they don't get to tell me how to talk. Saying something is not politically correct brings the government MUCH too close to my face. Saying something is unmannerly or rude merely sounds like my beloved mother trying to raise her children correctly.

One might say that I take issue with 'political correctness'...:o)

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