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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tamsin's Coutry Barn Dance

(I tried and tried to find a decent country dance scene without booze signs and smoking and this was all I could find so far.)

Tamsin Tucker and her handsome doctor have invited you to a barn dance in Scipio, Utah. It's a cute little town just off the freeway. They meet you at the city sign and Travis helps you climb onto the waiting hay wagon made into a sleigh. You pull a blanket over and snuggle up as the driver cracks his whip over the horse's head.

You're off in a spray of snow. Your breath plumes around you and until you hide your nose in the blankets, you think your nose hairs will freeze. The cutest guy is sitting next to you. He keeps tossing you amused grins. You wonder if you've got lettuce in your teeth. Luckily no.

You get to the barn and it's a mass of little white lights and greenery. Hay bales line the edges of the wooden floor. The hay door is open to the falling snow, but it's toasty down where the crowd is. Someone strikes up a fiddle and you notice a couple guitars, a string bass and a set of drums in a corner. It smells of pine and horses and aftershave and possibilities.

The floor is filling with dancers. It looks so fun as you watch, hoping. Tamsin and Travis dance past. There's something interesting about Tamsin's gait. Now and then you see the gorgeous girl rubbing her leg. Travis is very solicitous of her. You can tell he's really into her by the gleam in his eye as he looks at her when she doesn't know.

Then you see her tossing Travis little glances. She's just as gone on him as he is on her. There's an electric arc between them. 

Tamsin stumbles and Travis picks her up and swings her around, depositing her on a hay bale as he slips off to get them drinks of hot chocolate.

That cute guy from the sleigh ride strolls over, eclipsing the dancers. He has his hand out, asking you to dance! You jump at the chance, your boots barely hitting the floor. He's such a great dancer. His two step is spotless as he steers you deftly around the floor.

The whole night is a blur of stomping boots and whirling skirts and cowboy hats. You can barely catch your breath. You haven't had this much fun since the last ball.

Finally the dance comes to an end and Tamsin and Travis give you hugs as you pull on your coat for the ride back to your car. You wish you could get to know Tamsin and her handsome doctor better, so you click here.

You hear that the next Ball will be hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Niall Doherty of Dunhaven Place, in Ireland! Perhaps Charlotte and Jack will be able to make the trip tonight. (Quick! Click on Dunhaven Place to go.)

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