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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Onnie Nayir Invitational Ball

Because Onnie has no blog of her own, we'll be hosting her ball here.

Onnie Nayir would quite enjoy hosting a Regency era ball on Rift Watcher Space Station. The event would, however, require a lot of research. Fortunately, Onnie’s father was born in London and might have some insight into the era and culture, though he hasn’t lived on Earth for twenty years.

With some coaxing, Onnie might be able to get ideas from Dr. Darragh Conally about suitable music from the time period, as he is a fan of 19th century opera and classical piano music. Regency era dancing would be a new skill for everyone involved and would require patience and practice. Onnie would very much enjoy the time spent with Darragh to learn them.

No doubt all of Onnie’s Station friends would participate in turning Rift Watcher’s observation deck into an elegant ballroom. It’s transparent ceilings would provide a view like no other as they danced beneath countless stars.

For costuming, Nima, the resident seamstress, would only need patterns from the era and enough advanced notice to provide the appropriate gowns. Most men will no doubt opt for their dress uniforms instead of tuxedos, but the option will be provided.

Regency style food might prove tricky to replicate, as much of the food on Rift Watcher is either Galladiran in origin or grown in the station’s hydroponics gardens. Purple Galladiran veggies would make for colorful fare. Robot cooking stations would prepare most of the delicacies, but Onnie might also try out a recipe or two to show off her culinary skills.

Captain Nayir would assuredly welcome the guests upon their arrival to the ball. He might even consider talking his first officer Eris Rhuick into taking a turn—but then again, he might let her perpetual scowl warn him off.

Commander West Murdock would be far too concerned about security matters to spend much time socializing at a ball. His sweet wife would, no doubt, make every effort to convince him to just relax.

Onnie would prefer to spend most of her evening with Darragh, but he is by no means the only name on her dance card. Ensign Fwee would happily chatter as she guides him through the steps, and carefully keep his claws retracted in his excitement. Ensign Bwudil would peruse the room with four out of five of his eyes, but keep one of them fixed closely on Onnie’s feet to get the dance steps just right.

Darragh, when not dancing with Onnie, will spend most of the evening avoiding Ms. Madessa, the tall, flirtatious, green Hatonian nearly two-hundred years his senior, but still young on her own world

Sadly, most Galladirans would be offended by such triviality as a ball, but the remainder of the station’s residents would find it a lovely distraction from the usual routine. 

If you'd like to meet Onnie and her friends, try here. And this one. And until Amazon gets her print copies, this.

Have a wonderful time at your dance, Onnie.

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