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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stranger Things

Excerpt from something I wrote last night:
Anywho. I've got to make some dinner and hopefully have some time to write a little.
Nope. Just watched the end of Stranger Things. Got zip writing done. But boy that show has a good, no a GREAT story. Phenomenal plot, great acting, sets, costumes, and ambiance. Especially good in it was the little girl, Eleven. This is great writing. It doesn't immediately explain everything, but as you go on, some things are explained. It shows you. Details aren't just stuck in there for scare affect. There's a logical plot line. The gore isn't over-done. The characters are well-developed and three dimensional.
At some point I was really annoyed with Lucas, one of the boys on the show, who kept digging into Eleven and ended up going off on his own. A poor writer would have left it at that. But Lucas got a chance to redeem himself, as did the bratty boyfriend, Steve.
I don't want to tell you the plot. It's too delicate. I don't want to put out any spoilers. 
Like a well-written book, this show leaves you on the edge of your seat to see more. Please don't let season two suck. Too often a show will take off, leaving itself face down in the dirt.
Go watch it.

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