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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Our Family Trek part 2

Trip part 2
June 18, 2016
We got ready at a leisurely pace and got to Sandy to the reunion house around 11:00, where we ate box lunches. I kept my cute box. After that we all drove up to the temple rock quarry to take a tiny hike around to see where the rocks rolled down the mountain. I couldn't see any evidence of a quarry anywhere—just more cliffs with a creek and boulders at the bottom. We got to talk to the family though. That was fun.
Then we went to Snowbird ski area. Our family and a couple others got the all day pass, which meant we could ride all the rides we wanted. That turned out to be a waste of money as the lines were long and we hardly got to do any of them. We first took the tram up to the top of the mountain with the old folks.
They sat down at the little resort place there and I went wandering. For a bit of it Hubby was with me, but he eased away sometime. I saw what I thought was a person off across the glacier. I wasn't planning on going clear over there, especially when I saw there was only my set of footprints. I figured he had hiked down the rocks. But I kept going, interested in doing something nobody else was. I was well out on the glacier when I bent to check the snow. It was so mushy that I figured it could break away at any time. (I guess it really wouldn't do much since there was only one layer. It's when there are two that things get dicey.) So I started back. 
It was a nice little hike, but by the time I got back, everybody but the Hubs had abandoned me. We wandered around exploring. We watched a guy on skis slide out to just past where I went on the glacier and then down to its tip. He took off his skis and stumped down to another patch and skied down that. I wonder how far down he got. There weren't snow patches to the bottom. So he either hiked back up to the tram and went down, or hiked down most of the mountain. I was amazed he didn't fall and kill himself and wreck his skis. When the tram got back we hopped on. It was fun surfing with the little kids and spotting deer from above.
We climbed up almost to the top of the mountain slide when we got down. But it turned out the slide was closed because there was a moose hanging out next to it. A couple of workers went out there with a metal chair and a stick, banging on it and shouting. I don't think that helped at all. But finally the moose left the area of its own free will. By that time Hubby and I were in line for the zip line. We went down and back together. The zip line was pretty underwhelming after that long line. (I really liked the one I did blindfolded a while back. Much more breathless anticipation and I almost kicked a deer in the head, apparently...:o)
By that time Hubby decided we needed to collect the kids and go back to the Sandy house so H could make his study appointment. He did homework the whole time almost. Poor guy. 
So we had a wonderful dinner and played the Family Bingo game and the Who Am I game. I put as my three things:
1. I fell into a cow pie while climbing with my parents when I was four.
2. I got stung by a jellyfish and it put my heel to sleep for three months.
3. At 16 I set off the alarm on a Rembrandt picture.
They only guessed me because I was second to the last. Hubby didn't even know a couple of my things.
Anyway it was so welcoming of them to so graciously include me and the others in everything. Even S, who isn't related at all. One of the girls really wanted to talk to me further and wanted to get acquainted on facebook. I hope I can find out her name so we can.
That night I drew a picture for Dad Murphy for Father's Day. I had to borrow a frame for it from Mom Murphy—sort of like the kids undressing our dolls to give us the clothes back for Christmas. I would have liked to do a better job of it, but by the time I'd finished it, it was nearly 2:00am.
Oh I checked my mail and Linda said that when they got my pay squared away, they should put me under contract to edit for them!!! Woo hoo!!! That really made my decade.
June 19, 2016
We got up fairly early to go to church. The MIA girls gave the dads (and then all the boys) multiple Snickers candy bars.
Lunch was yummy. We gave Dad Murphy his picture and to my hubby, we gave a cute card from the dog and us, a six pack of assorted root beers, and a multi tool, which he used later in the trip. After a while we said our good-byes and went to take H back up to Idaho. We tossed him out with hugs and went flying up to Targhee Nat'l. Forest up in the Tetons to camp. There was a moose in the camp site next to ours that night, luscious full-spate creeks, and fields full of wild flowers. I was a little grumpy since some eejit broke the elastics on my tent poles and never told me.
Unfortunately, I had to go to the bathroom four times  after I bedded down (making 6 for the night!). That was a sheer pain in the neck. I'd just finally get settled and have to get back up. I was also a little chilly. And getting back into the sleeping bag sucked until I banished the long pillow to the outside and got into the bag liner before getting into the sleeping bag. That worked better. LOVE my new cot. No more waking up one big ache.


  1. I was really miffed at my ward because they did NOTHING for the father. What message does that send?

    1. That's really sad, especially in this time when fathers are so denigrated all the time. They're usually portrayed as useless buffoons if not worse. It seems to me this is a time to stand up for fatherhood. It surprised me that there was no primary song for the fathers. Is that a new policy?
      Apparently for Mother's Day in our ward they gave out pie. I was in Ireland at the time but I hoped that they could make me a new pie for when I got home. No no. The fam ate all the pie like piggies and never looked back...:o)