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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Emma: A Latter-day Tale Review

 I love Jane Austen and have read all her books plus many of her letters. She's a brilliant writer absolutely a marvel of her time and forever afterwards. The fan fiction doesn't always stack up. In fact, Jane's wordplay is rapier-sharp and tends to slice most "copies" to ribbons.
Rebecca H. Jamison's EMMA: A LATTER-DAY TALE is not one of these weak copies. I enjoyed this book to the hilt.

Jamison seamlessly weaves Austen's story into modern day. I enjoyed trying to figure out how she'd change places like Box Hill and people like Mr. Elton's simpering wife to fit in with today's problems and technologies. Ski trips and hiking fill the bill nicely. I can totally see Emma shushing down the slopes in her signature snowplow.

 I was happily surprised. The story was effortless and fresh. I empathized with Emma's angst about measuring up to the amazing Jane/Jena. I loved that Emma was flawed but lovable and well-meaning. She tracked well as a motherless girl trying to make her way through the boulder fields of society. I have my own mountain of regrets and half-finished projects to dig through and finish.

If you love Jane Austen, you'll love this modern version of Jane's beloved story Emma.

Put on your invisible visiting bonnet and long gloves and get the book here.

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  1. Effortlessly fresh with such a retold story can be tough.