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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pink Rock Fairies are Making Me Crazy...er

It's a rainy day, perfect for cuddling up with the computer and a cup of cocoa. Okay, the cocoa got replaced by an avocado, but I would have to stop writing to make cocoa, and I'm still battling bronchitis so the phlegm isn't doable. I need to be able to sing as I have concerts to practice for.

I hear the Pink Rock Fairies hard at work on the median outside our house. They've come to clean up years' worth of neck-high weeds and make a racket while I'm trying to think. I'm sure they'd be happy to lay off if I went out there, but the spores are making me allergic.

(Why Pink Rock Fairies you ask? Back when they re-did the stupid medians to 'pretty' them up, those guys actually painted the rocks pink. They reminded me of the gardeners in Alice and Wonderland who were painting the roses red. It was equally absurd.)

Writing is a must today. The kids were out of school for a week and I got nothing done. It was like loping off a limb. The stories are aching to get out into the watery light of day. I'm racing to finish A Terrible Majesty so I can do Letters to Steps for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing in a Month) (or something like that). Letters is already outlined and ready to fly. I just have to clear my docket of Terrible, a story I'm loving.

So I've spent hours working out dogfights in space and fight scenes in the brig. I've slogged through logistics and tactics and romantics and semantics and all manner of ics, trying to make the scenes believable and logical. It annoys me when sci fi shows make huge leaps of fantasy just to get the problem solved instead of working through the tangle with decent science, in a way truthful to the story. My kids keep suggesting these amazing video game cheat weapons which cannot fail and I just smile and nix the idea. These characters have to solve their own problems.

That said, I do have telepathy and beings made of pure energy--not as the solution to the problem, but as a plot point. For such things I can take a leap. And my MAC (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon) guns? They're already in use.

Hah! Okay. Did I mention the Pink Rock Fairies? I need a freakin' flyswatter. You can blame them for the disjointed quality of this post. At least they'll take care of the sticker bushes so they won't be sending their pokey little horrid messengers to bite me in the feet anymore for a while.

More later. Back to dogfights.

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