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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tired Hacks Apply Elsewhere

I hate it when I'm watching a show or a movie and they have smelly writing. It's such a waste of time. My favorite shows or movies are almost always those which boast of great writers. I'll only mention shows right now.

The old Firefly series from Jos Whedon was a stellar show. It's one of my all-time favorites. Every episode (there were sadly only nine) boasted of several quotes which our family STILL quote all the time. "What you plan and what actually goes down aint 'zactly the same thing" or "Did that just fall off my ship?" (Everyone in the family has a cache of these.) I think it's criminal that they cut this piece of delicious fun off in its prime. There are so many questions I still want answered.

Psych is a fairly new (to us) series which has great writing. The one-liners fly right and left as two lovable loons plow through bodies pretending to be psychics. I love the weave between street smart police work and the crazy antics Sean gets up to when he's explaining his incisive observations.

Doctor Who is a fantastic series--one of the longest running sci-fi series in history. One would think that they'd have run out of interesting plots by now, but they continue to please. After all, the Doctor has all of time as his playground. We laugh, we cry, we toss our popcorn when we jump out of our seats.

Chuck's first year or so was absolutely LOVELY. The nerdisms really drove the show. Near the end he stopped being such a nerd and we lost interest a little.

Castle boasts Firefly's Mal as it's MC. I love him as Castle, but I wish they'd let Mal go back to his ship. There's only so long they can keep the sexual tension going in this one.

The Office, while it still had Michael Scott, was hilarious! The crazy mix of insanity vs. mischief really worked to keep us wanting more. 

There are many which once kept us up at night, but which no longer have writers who care enough to really write. That's when we turn off the TV or leave the theater. Do us a favor, TV writers. Please don't hand us tripe and demand that we watch. Don't just flop a few body parts, some sex and battling housewives onto the table as a crutch to carry the day. Give us something to sink our teeth into. Give us something to tickle our funny bones and make us think.

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