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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weeping Angels

Last night we had my son's birthday party (only a month late). He wanted a Dr. Who birthday so we borrowed the little guy's 'fort' box and painted it to be the Tardis. I was sporting a towering migraine, so the crawling around on the floor painting was not fun, but now we have a big blue British police box in our yard. I doubt I'll ever forget my son's friend stumbling around inside the box and running into things.

I'd pondered what to wear for this shindig. Somehow the giant glob of fat guy and the toe headed military guy and the Ood didn't cut it. Finally I landed on one of my favorite of their characters: the Weeping Angel. That costume turned out to be a barrel of monkeys. The whole night was filled with people telling their friends to stop looking at me so I could eat, or blanching in fear when they found me looking over their shoulder. (Luckily the migraine eased up finally) The photo ops were fun and I was comfy all night in my toga. For Halloween I'll do the face paint to go with it.

The funniest happening of the night was when we were watching an episode. Dr. Who says to Harriet Jones, England's Prime Minister in the show, "Do you want to know the six words that will destroy the world?"
"What are the six words," she asks.
Then, as the Dr. whispers them in her ear, my youngest son blurts out, "You look fat in those jeans!"
It brought down the house!


  1. LOVE Dr. Who. What a great party theme. Supper mom for persevering through the migraine and painting up a Tardis.

    I found it funny the friend stumbling around in the box and running into things. Hopefully he didn't fall into the swimming pool, last I heard it was in the library.

    The first weeping angel episode has to be one of the scariest things I've seen (not big on horror/thriller movies here) 2nd scary would be the "are you my mummy?" (until you figure out what is going on.

    Yeah, we do that too at our house, ad lib dialogue while watching. We also quote it at random times.

  2. Hunting down pictures for you, Falwyn...:o)

    Weeping Angels is our favorite to scare guests with. The other favorite of mine is the one in which the two Dr.s split and one goes with Rose into the alternate universe. Finally he gets to be a real person and have a real, loving relationship with someone he'll grow old with.