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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Post! Exciting!

So this is the maiden voyage of my new blog. I'm hoping this will be a terrific learning experience and a fun trip. Setting sail for the unknown on an uncertain sea. I imagine there will be plenty of sail-trimming until I figure out exactly how this works, since I'm teaching myself. Hopefully there won't be too many times when I scuttle the boat on a sandbar.

I went to school for art and have been a freelance artist for a decade, now. I don't know why I suddenly jumped ship and climbed aboard the writing ketch. Maybe it's that I wasn't getting my art out there in the mainstream enough. I had something to say and so many books bubbling up.

I read like a maniac. Right now I'm reading the Book of Mormon for the twentyleventh time, a fascinating book about brain diseases and malfunctions, a medieval romance manuscript by a fellow writer, and a lovely book called Chocolate Roses written by my cousin, Joan Sowards. Tomorrow it could be a science fiction one.

Right now I am about 4/5ths of the way through writing my sixth book. I have two other books I'm working on at the same time, and another two in the editing stages.

*Small Deceptions (under the name H. Linn Murphy) is a historical novel published and available from Xlibris.com (or from Amazon, but I don't get as much in royalties if you buy it with them).
*Enduring Kirsten (now Kirsten Confused) is a finished LDS romance in the editing stage.
*Watcher at the Gates of Day is a finished science fiction novel also in the editing stage.
*Echo in the Night is the sequel to Watcher and is unfinished yet. I add to it regularly.
*Rodeo Queen and the Scipio Doc (now Pivot Point) is the current LDS romance I'm working on most right now.
*When You Leave Me (or A Light in the Summerhouse) (now Summerhouse) is a psychic link romance in the thought/outline stages and currently setting my head on fire.
*Mudlarks is a Dickensian offering also in the thought/outline stage.
*Prima Nochta is an early Celt story in the thought/outline stage.
*Forlorn Hope is a historical novel in the thought stage.
(Many of these titles have been changed as of March, 2012. Also there are several new books as of the same date)

It's all a matter of trimming the sails and keeping the sheets to the wind. Avast ye landlubbers! Take ship for realms unexplored! I'll be your captain!
Heidi L. Murphy


  1. Sounds like you keep plenty busy with your work, but isn't it fun!

    I am a fellow ANWA gal and writer. Good luck to you in the blogging world)

  2. Heidi, WOW you sound like a busy gal. I've been trying to write just two novels, but its taken me years and I still have none complete! Sheesh!!! You give me hope though. - I'll join your voyage :O) I'll get this novel complete yet - with the help of my great ANWA sisters! :O)
    Joyce S of Tumbleweed Lane

  3. Your list of novels is impressive. You've been busy. The love for writing must be in the genes!

  4. I've been telling you for years that you are a natural "blogger". I'm excited you've finally...taken to water. Love you!

  5. Thank you all! For a long time I ignored the writing part of me. It was all art for me. I am a freelance artist.
    There are, however, just some stories which thrust their way to the surface and knock you down until you tell them. The writing isn't hard, it's the selling. Julie knows I would rather poke out an eye with a sharp stick than sell stuff.
    However, getting my book out to people who can be touched by something I wrote...that would be splendid. I can pay that price.