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A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi. (In front of you, a precipice. Behind you, wolves.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Flogging Nano

So today I flogged out a bazillion (okay 50K+) words on HEART OF THE FOREST and flogged NANOWRIMO three days early. I'm so happy! Now I can happily finish writing the book without feeling the sting of not getting enough done on time. I done do'ed it!

That's why I haven't been on here recently. This year it was especially hard because every time I sat down to write I got unspeakably tired. Like I couldn't keep my eyes open for another second without a hefty nap. But I pushed through.

I also have been having a rough time with my computer since I very stupidly allowed a company to put software on my computer. Now I want it OFF. I'm never going to buy a thing from them again. Ever. I figured out a way around the craziness by turning off my wifi until I need it. Makes me happy when stupidity falls away and the sunshine peeks through.

So the itinerary? I'm going to finish writing HoftheF and then write FORLORN HOPE, the sort of prequel to HoftheF. It's a strange setup, since FH will be in a different genre. I'm hoping it'll work out fine. I'll enjoy reading it, anyway. I'm hoping it'll be a less gritty Bernard Cornwell offering. Okay that's ambitious. In that vein. There.

So. Now I'll have time to look at Christmas lists and start shopping and spend some quality time with my dog and when they show up, kiddlings...:o)

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