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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vampumpkins, Oh My!

Happy Halloween! Just thought I'd share our Halloween with you.

This is my pumpkin this year. You can't really tell with the pictures, but it's a little vampire pumpkin and he's drained the big pumpkin white. There are pumpkin guts coming out of their mouths like blood.
This is Herr Riley Der Kleine Junge
Riley would come charging out when the trick-or-treaters came, and bark fit to be tied. He was much scarier than anything else we put up.

This is Snorin's Jack Pumpkinhead. He's our other son--the one joined at the lips to J...;o)

This is dinner--severed hands and feet. This is a before picture, in case they turned too dark.

Here are the finished hands and feet. I know--gruesome. But they taste amazing.

This is our friend Maddy and her son. Maddy's marrying Jason, who took off his costume and thus won't be on the blog...rofl

J's Pumpkin

One of Hunt's pumpkins. He did Gab's too because she's out of town but I forgot to get a pic of it.

I was a blind heart surgeon, complete with red-tipped cane. I went around and offered people two for one heart transplants if they contact my secretary. I showed people my heart to transplant. For some strange reason I got no takers at all.

For some odd reason people seemed to think I'd taken out the wrong organ. What do you think?

Well it's my blog. I get extra billing. The family took all the pictures while I was off walking around the trunk-or-treat. Nice. I didn't even get to talk to the German family...sigh. It was in the same parking lot and everything.

So. We always do LOADS of work getting the house ready for Halloween. The front is nice and clean--mainly because we stuffed everything in the back. Unfortunately it usually falls to me to do most if not all of the cleanup, making it a whole lot of work for very few trick-or-treaters.

We expected people from our church to come, but they didn't. Jason and Maddy, our friends from up the street, came to visit and eat body parts and show us Coraline.

Mostly I edited the book I'm working on and ate some pointer finger and watched Coraline on the side. That Tim Burton is a strange guy. Seems like he has black widows in his brain.

Welp. J and S (who were Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts) came home from trick-or-treating in his neighborhood. H (who was some kind of super moose from a cartoon) came home from work and left again to go play with his roommate and watch freaky movies.

Bit (the hamburgler) never left his desk chair. I think someday he'll be rooted into it.

The Hubs (was the Grim Reaper or something using his cloak) sat around and watched movies.

All in all it was a pretty quiet but labor intensive Halloween.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Awesome with the meat loaf. And the comments about people coming over to eat body parts. :D