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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review of a Review

This is my mural. I kind of love it.

I'm running off to go paint a 16' X 10' mural of an aspen forest on my friend's business wall. But on the way I happened to trip over a review someone did of my newest book.
There wasn't anything glaringly wrong with the review, but she really disliked what made the book interesting and readable, instead of a boredom-inducing old soldier from from the rank and file of Regency novels. Anyone can write one of those pedantic plods. I write books with a little more flavor. My books try to edge to the front of the fighting where the bullets are flying fast. (Which is so far an analogy in case you were worrying.)
Hunter helped me on this one along with Jessa and Gabby.
It really annoys me when someone reviews a book which isn't in their favorite genre and then shoots it down for being not exactly their cup of tea. She called it silly and absurd and said the slang was overdone.
Let's just say I beg to differ. How better to show and be true to the two hundred year disparity? I feel like she and I should meet and discuss how she would have treated the problem.
And as for being absurd, please. Life is absurd. Problems are absurd. The idea that time travel is a dream is absurd. So what? I'm guessing that the problems in any contemporary romance can be called absurd as well. And the treatment of such problems in some of the books I've read? Absurd.
But I love absurd. The opposite is dead boring, and I don't have the time or the will to read a dead boring book. That's called homework or tax law.
Notice this post is all in black, with no pictures or fancy type fonts. That's how books are when they don't have any elements of the absurd in them.

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