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Friday, August 12, 2011

Zombie Jamboree

So about this zombie thing...

It's the biggest rage, right now, this zombie apocalypse--especially with teens. The idea is to arm yourself with whatever you think you need to survive a zombie incursion and then see if you survive.

Great fun, right?

I've even caught myself saying, "I'm in it with the chainsaw and a few dozen Molotov cocktails".

But what is this 'game' really doing? Is it all fun until someone loses an eyeball, or something deeper?

In my opinion, this rising generation is being tailored to do a couple of things.
1. become a worker state
2. bear babies for the state to raise (ie. no families, love, or bonds of any type)
and 3. become a military state in which people rat on, kill, and destroy 'nonpareils' at the will of the state.

I think the whole zombie thing is being pushed so that young people will get used to ratting out their families, and not be above shooting them to death if the state thinks their family is for some reason unacceptable. What do you do with a zombie? You kill it in the most final way possible, even though it might have once been your mother.

I have even seen a website dedicated to proving that the possibility of a zombie 'epidemic' is real in several different ways. Many of those ways are very possible to enact by unprincipled people (or governments).

Another thing. Look at how many TV shows have sprung up about death and killing. What are they geared for?
1. They get people inured to the sight and experience of death. Not long after seeing your first show like this, you find yourself wondering why the 'good' guy doesn't just kill the bad guy.
2. These shows actually show 'bad' guys how to get away with crimes. I've watched one or two of these shows and find myself wondering why the bad guy didn't just to this or why he was so stupid to do that.

You might think I sound like a complete kook, but I am in no way alone in my conjectures. I see the underpinnings of such a state being installed almost daily. I see how shows like the aforementioned affect young people around me. It makes me as itchy as if I were standing in the middle of a fire ant hill.

What can we do about such an eventuality?
*Prepare for survival.
*Live the gospel.
*Refrain from watching shows which numb you to the human condition.
*Educate yourself to what your government is actually up to, not the spin garbage they are feeding the sheep.
*Live kindly and be Christlike.
*Remember that God takes care of His servants.
*Develop loving, loyal relationships with your family members.
*Teach your family about loyalty.
*Teach your family to recognize the truth when they see it--and transversely, the lies.

Good luck with the zombie apocalypse.

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